The Networking Mindset

The Networking Mindset

Networking is about both giving and receiving!
Networking is a way to think and behave. A true networker always thinks in; “what do I know/who have I meet, that can be of relevance for others in my network?” – and he approach his network when he needs something.

The essential mindset is that by networking we can help each other achieving our goals. Not by giving each other job, offers, gifts, free rides etc. – but by sharing our knowledge and creating contact between people.

If you have a specific goal, you can use my Networking Method to systemize your networking effort.

Sometimes in your life you have some specific goals, which you can use your network to achieve. In other phases you don’t – and here it’s also important to network. Think in what you can share with your network, be open to help others gathering information/knowledge etc. and creating contact between people who could be relevant/valuable for each other.
In that way you act like a true networker and your network and their network will be open for you when you need it.

Maybe you now think; I haven’t got time to network! My position is that you haven’t got time not to, because if you don’t nurse your network, it will be so much harder/time consuming to get the help you need, if a situation occurs when you need your network.

Furthermore now it’s much easier to nurse your network than for just 10 years ago. Today we have all the social medias and the electronic devices that makes it easy to share knowledge and contacts with your network.

My suggestion is that you each week consider if you have got new knowledge or new contacts that you should share with your network or relevant people in your network and then upload it on the relevant social medias or phone/email the people direct whom it’s relevant for. This will take you approx. 15-30 minutes and in that way you nurse your network.